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Company Registration

Private Limited Company is the most predominant and well known sort of corporate legitimate substance in India. Private restricted organization enrollment is administered by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Companies Act, 2013 and the Companies Incorporation Rules, 2014. To enlist a private restricted organization, at least two investors and two chiefs are required. A characteristic individual can be both an executive and investor, while a corporate legitimate element must be an investor. Further, remote nationals, outside corporate substances or NRIs are permitted to be Directors or potentially Shareholders of a Company with Foreign Direct Investment, settling on it the favored decision of element for outside advertisers. 

Interesting highlights of a private constrained organization like restricted risk security to investors, capacity to raise value reserves, separate lawful element status and never-ending presence make it the most prescribed sort of business substance for many little and medium estimated organizations that are family claimed or expertly overseen.  Indian Company Filings is the market chief for administrations identifying with organization enlistment in India.  Indian Company Filings can enable you to enroll a private restricted organization, one individual organization, nidhi organization, area 8 organization , maker organization or Indian auxiliary. The normal time taken to finish organization development is around 10 - 15 working days, subject to government preparing time and customer archive accommodation. Get a free interview for private constrained organization enrollment and business startup by booking a meeting with an  Indian Company Filings Advisor.


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Company Registration

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Company Registration + Class 2 DSC + 2 DIN + GST Registration + 1 Year ROC Filing + Accounting ( T&C* )

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