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Trademark Rectification



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Trademark Rectification

Trademark enlistment is a kind of licensed innovation security, under which a word or visual image utilized by a business to recognize its merchandise or administrations from other comparative products or administrations beginning from an alternate business can be ensured. To enroll a trademark, a trademark application must be recorded by the candidate with the pertinent Trade Mark Registrar in the recommended organization. When a trademark application is recorded, the Trade Marks Registrar would process the application. On the off chance that any worries are noted on the trademark application, the Examiner would check the application as Formalities Chk Fail and demand amendment of the trademark application. On the off chance that there are no worries, the Trademark Examiner could likewise take into account the trademark application to be publicized before enrollment or raise a complaint for enlistment. 

Subsequently, in cases wherein the Trade Mark Registrar denotes the application as Formalities Chk Fail or Send Back to EDP, the candidate has a chance to amend and resubmit the trademark application. The amendment deed to the Trademark Examiners note must be readied dependent on the reasons and realities with respect to why the imprint was not considered further preparing. On the off chance that the Trademark Examiner finds the amendment adequate and addresses every one of the worries raised by him/her, application is permitted to be handled and set apart for examination by a Trademark Examiner for getting ready Trademark Examination Report. 

IndiaFilings is the main business administrations stage in India, offering an assortment of administrations like organization enlistment, trademark documenting, charge enrollment, charge recording and capital syndication. IndiaFilings can enable you to correct a current trademark application. The normal time taken to draft and record a trademark correction is around 5 - 10 working days, subject to government preparing time and customer report accommodation. Get a free interview on recording a trademark correction by booking a meeting with an IndiaFilings Advisor. 

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Our Pricing Table

5899 /-all inclusive fees


Trademark Rectification Basic Prices 5899 /-all inclusive fees

Drafting and filing of rectification for applications marked Formalities Check Fail by Trademark Examiner.

7899 /-all inclusive fees


Trademark Rectification Standard Prices 7899 /-all inclusive fees

Drafting and filing of rectification for applications marked Formalities Check Fail by Trademark Examiner with fresh Form-48.

9899 /-all inclusive fees


Trademark Rectification Premium Prices 9899 /-all inclusive fees

Drafting and filing of reply for objection raised by Trademark Examiner along with trademark rectification. Inclusive of government fee and GST.

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