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TDS Return



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TDS Return

TAN or Tax Deduction and Collection Number (TAN) is obligatory 10 digit alpha number required to be acquired by all people who are in charge of Tax Deduction at Source (TDS) or Tax Collection at Source (TCS) for the benefit of the Government. Assessment deducted at source (TDS) guarantees that the Government's gathering of duty is proponed and the obligation regarding making good on regulatory expense is expanded. The individual deducting the assessment at source is required to store the expense deducted to the credit of Central Government - citing the TAN number. People who salaried are not required to acquire TAN or deduct charge at source. Be that as it may, an ownership business and different substances (i.e., Private Limited Company, LLP, and so on.,) must deduct charge at source while making certain installment like compensation, installments to temporary worker or sub-contractual workers, installment of lease surpassing Rs.1,80,000 every year, and so forth. IndiaFilings can help acquire TAN Registration. 

Those substances have TAN Registration should then record TDS returns. TDS returns are expected quarterly. IndiaFilings can enable you to record e document your TDS returns on the web. Our TDS specialists can enable you to register your TDS installments and e record the TDS return and keep you in consistence with TDS guidelines. Use ReminDue to find out about your due dates for TDS return recording due date and TDS installment due date.


Our Pricing Table

1499 /-all inclusive fees


TDS Return Basic Prices 1499 /-all inclusive fees

TDS return filing for one quarter.

2499 /-all inclusive fees


TDS Return Standard Prices 2499 /-all inclusive fees

TDS return filing for two quarters.

4899 /-all inclusive fees


TDS Return Premium Prices 4899 /-all inclusive fees

TDS return filing for four quarter.

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