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Term Loan

Term credit are accommodated procuring or building or introducing or setting up capital resources, which will give returns over some undefined time frame. Term credits will likewise be reimbursed in customary installments over some undefined time frame, as the advantage produces returns. Term advances are normally accommodated procuring or developing structure and securing or introducing plant and apparatus. Term advances in India are accommodated a residency of anyplace between 3 to 10 years dependent on the undertaking, anticipated financials and different elements. The financing cost for the term advance will be founded on the credit value of the borrower and is typically a fixed spread over the banks base loaning rate. 

IndiaFilings can enable your business to apply and acquire assent of term advances from banks. Term advances can be benefited for both green-field just as darker documented undertakings. When we get a comprehension or your business or proposed business, our Financial Experts will then counsel you appropriately on the proposed quantum of credit, reimbursement type, reimbursement residency and plans accessible. IndiaFilings can likewise enable you to set up a task report, apply to banks and get approval of term credits for your business.


Our Pricing Table

99899 /-all inclusive fees


Term Loan Basic Prices 99899 /-all inclusive fees

Term loan syndication for a quantum of upto Rs. 50 lakhs.

199899 /-all inclusive fees


Term Loan Standard Prices 199899 /-all inclusive fees

Term loan syndication for a quantum of upto Rs. 100 lakhs.

399899 /-all inclusive fees


Term Loan Premium Prices 399899 /-all inclusive fees

Term loan syndication for a quantum of upto Rs. 250 lakhs.

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